Guide to grantmaking

This step-by-step guide can help you or your foundation focus your intentions and give you the tools to develop a program of environmental giving.

Step 3. What is your passion, skills and expertise?

The best funding is driven by what people are passionate about and what inspires them. This funding comes from a place of inspiration, wisdom and hope.

Knowing what you feel passionate about is the first step in determining where your philanthropic giving might be most effective. Do you have a deep connection to the land, water or the sea? Or are you more interested in encouraging people to live more lightly on the planet? Is it the challenge of climate change, and how it will impact on the future of your children, that has inspired you to set up your funding program? Perhaps your motivation has been an area that you have visited and of which you have wonderful memories, or a health issue that has affected a family or friend.

At this stage, don’t worry if you have multiple issues that you are interested in or if it seems that the things you have chosen are too big for you to manage.

Do you have specific skills and expertise or knowledge that might help you with your environmental grantmaking? You might have a business background, maybe understand the communications sector, have organisational governance experience or understand the importance of grassroots organisations.

Ask yourself

  1. What you are passionate about?
  2. What skills and expertise are you willing to use in this process?

Record your answers in the worksheet (pdf)

Join a funder group

Connect with the issues, connect with members, and connect with members around the issues. Find a funder group that is right for you.