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6 November 2020

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Philanthropists spending it fast to fight climate change.

Hear from some of our members spending down to tackle climate change on ABC’s The Money program.

Listen to the podcast below or read the article on the ABC website.

The program was presented by Richard Aedy, and produced Belinda Sommer from the ABC.

Avoid catastrophic climate change

For these members, the urgency of the climate crisis means that donating in perpetuity is not an option: They would rather spend down their corpus within their lifetimes to help avoid catastrophic climate change.


  • Jeff Wicks, ACME Foundation
  • Sue McKinnon, McKinnon Family Foundation
  • Norman Pater
  • Amanda Martin OAM, CEO AEGN

By the end of the decade, we will have spent down.

Jeff Wicks, ACME Foundation

Listen to the podcast now

The segment on environmental philanthropy begins at 7:06.

We named it a family foundation as it was our intention to leave a legacy for the family.

But then we decided that the best legacy we could leave was avoiding catastrophic climate change.

Sue McKinnon, McKinnon Family Foundation

Climate change funder group 

Share approaches and hear from experts in the field to discuss both the issues and solutions on the most significant environmental and social problem of our time. 


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