Environmental Philanthropy Award

Applications for 2020 are now closed.

We have been sponsoring Philanthropy Australia’s Environmental Philanthropy Award since 2017.

The award recognises both outstanding environmental funding and the outstanding achievements delivered by projects or organisations as a result. It is an opportunity to highlight the depth, breadth and huge impact of environmental funding to a broader philanthropic audience to celebrate exceptional environmental work and funding and to and to both showcase and celebrate exceptional environmental work. It is an opportunity to elevate the role of environmental philanthropy and to inspire others to give.

The award is for current achievements from funding projects or organisations that specifically support the environment, or – where a project or organisation’s focus is in another issue area – there is a significant co-benefit to the environment.

We strongly urge you to nominate your favourite project and to encourage other funders and environmental organisations to nominate as well.

Nominations are welcome from funders, environmental NGOs and other organisations involved in delivering great environmental work. You do not need to be a member of the AEGN or Philanthropy Australia to nominate a project.  

Previous winners


Melliodora Fund – Australian Communities Foundation Subfund (and six other sub funds of the Australian Communities Foundation, plus 10 other funders since 2014) for The Change Agency Community Organising Fellowship.


Purves Environmental Fund and 27 donors to the Purves Tree-Clearing Challenge for the Tree-Clearing Alliance, made up of 22 large and small community groups.


The Ian Potter Foundation for the Reef Life Survey in Tasmania.