Funding effectively

This step-by-step guide can help you or your foundation focus your intentions and give you the tools to develop a program of environmental giving.

Guide to grantmaking

Ten-step process to help guide your environmental giving.

Also consider the following:


Are you ready to be a planned giver?

This part of the guide assumes that you aim to be organised about your giving, have an idea of how much you want to give and have already set up your philanthropic vehicle.


What is your vision?

Decide on your vision, mission, values and operating principles. You may have this sorted out already. It could be part of your trust deed, or something you have discussed with your trustees or family.


What is your passion, skills and expertise?

The best funding is driven by what people are passionate about and what inspires them. This funding comes from a place of inspiration, wisdom and hope.


What region, issues and people do you want to focus on?

What is important is that you decide on something and make this explicit.


What is the problem and what are the solutions?

This is the difficult bit. Can you define the problems or issues that relate to your areas of interest and find out what needs to happen to make a difference?


What approaches are needed to catalyse the solutions?

You now need to decide what approaches need to be funded to catalyse the solutions you have identified.


What are the types of funding you might give?

Once you have a sense of what needs to be funded to make a difference, you can decide on the types of funding you prefer.


Who will you fund?

Now that you are clearer on your mission, focus, issues and the approaches and types of funding you prefer, you need to decide who to fund.


How are you going to administer your funding?

Now you need to complete the grantmaking cycle by deciding how structured you want your funding to be.


Start funding

Now bring it all together. Members have funded all sorts of different projects with terrific outcomes. Alone our work is a drop in the ocean but together we can help save the world.