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Based in Queensland, the ACME Foundation originally had an aid and development focus. Over time, it has moved to prioritise climate change. The Foundation recognises that reducing fossil fuel usage is essential to addressing climate change, but understands that this strategy alone is not sufficient. This led the ACME Foundation to embrace the findings from Project Drawdown.

ACME has been a long-term funder of The Hunger Project which seeks to end global hunger through sustainable, woman-focused empowerment strategies. Project Drawdown has Educating Girls and Family Planning as numbers six and seven on their priority list for reversing global warming. Taken together these two items effectively become Project Drawdown’s top priority. Only recently have the ACME principals recognised that The Hunger Project is as much a climate change initiative as an aid and development organisation.

Number three priority from Drawdown is Food Waste and ACME has identified OzHarvest as a local organisation working in this space. The OzHarvest team collects excess food from commercial outlets and delivers it to charities for recycling to those in need. OzHarvest is an excellent example of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle applied to food waste. Removing food from the waste stream also prevents it from releasing methane gas into the atmosphere.

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