Impact investing

Fund issues that generate a measurable and beneficial environmental impact alongside a financial return.

As environmental funders, we carefully shepherd our capital to causes and projects that help create a healthier planet and future.

And we know our investment capital — corpus and personal — oftentimes eclipses the funds we distribute. Yet shifting those investments to create environmental and social returns can be hard to do.

At our 2020 conference, we partnered with The Impact Club to hear from those who are making the changes required to achieve returns, from large foundations to individual funders. We explored the challenges to change, from navigating family preferences, to convincing trustees, through to working with investment managers. And we heard about the personal philosophies underpinning the work towards aligning investment decisions with philanthropic mission.

This unique opportunity allowed us to hear the personal and inspiring stories of some of Australia’s most experienced funders. Guest speakers included Martin Myer, President of the Myer Foundation; Danny Almagor, Small Giants; Sue McKinnon, McKinnon Family Foundation, and Kylie Charlton, a seasoned impact investment advisor.

Watch their video recordings from the workshop.


An introduction from Amanda Martin OAM CEO AEGN

Welcome with Jeremy Grantham, co-founder GMO LLC

Also featuring:

  • Amanda Martin OAM, CEO, AEGN
  • Danny Almagor, Managing Director, Small Giants and Founder, The Impact Club
  • John McKinnon, McKinnon Family Foundation

Panel and discussion

Facilitated by Lillian Kline, Head of Client Engagement, Impact Investing Group.


  • Martyn Myer, President, Myer Family Foundation
  • Danny Almagor, Managing Director, Small Giants and Founder, The Impact Club
  • Sue McKinnon, The McKinnon Family Foundation
  • Kylie Charlton, Chief Investment Officer, Australian Impact Investments

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A philanthropy guide that demystifies the path away from fossil fuels.

This guide is a world first, step-by-step tool for philanthropists who want to transition away from fossil fuels and toward climate solutions.

The guide includes:

  • the argument for divestment and investment
  • 25 example policy statements from institutions to illustrate the options available
  • two in-depth case studies
  • a five step process to work through with your colleagues and stakeholders
  • a literature review which distils the most essential and current research available
  • a tiered list of Australian fossil fuel companies and their index weightings
  • a list of international fossil fuel companies and their rankings
  • a list of all foundations worldwide that have pledged to DivestInvest
  • a list of all Australian organisations (including foundations) that have pledged to DivestInvest