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Stephen Heintz

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Stephen Heintz, the President of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund in the US, visited Australia as a guest of Philanthropy Australia.

Sue Mathews of the Mullum Trust sat down with Stephen to find out more about the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and how they are responding to climate change, their grantmaking and leading work on divestment.

Quite frankly, I was frustrated.

“I had this wonderful foundation, with this fantastic history and I was using only five per cent of its assets to support it very ambitious mission which is to help build a more just, sustainable and peaceful world.

The other 95 per cent were locked off, managed by a wonder group of very senior and very successful investors, in a voluntary investment committee, and a set of fund managers who were producing good returns…”

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DivestInvest conference

The first Australian DivestInvest conference was conceived by Sue Mathews, The Mullum Trust and supported by the AEGN. Funded by local and international philanthropists, the conference was hosted by The Climate Institute and was part of the global DivestInvest initiative.

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John Mckinnon

McKinnon Family Foundation

In March this year, the Australian Associated Press (AAP) announced that the 85 year-old independent newswire would have to close.

Sue Mathews

The Mullum Trust

Responding to the bushfires and COVID-19.