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Climate change funder group

The COVID-19 pandemic presents a once in a lifetime opportunity to reset the way we live, work, manufacture, farm and interact with nature. There is much work underway to see Australia take advantage of the low carbon opportunities we have at our fingertips and to become, in the words of Professor Ross Garnaut, “a low carbon superpower”.

Philanthropy has a crucial role to play in turning Australia from a laggard to a leader on climate action. Whether you are new to philanthropy or the AEGN, or you have been active for years, the climate change funder group is a platform for you to network, share approaches and hear from experts in the field about both the problems and solutions to the most significant environmental and social problem of our time.

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We meet on the second Tuesday of the month. Contact us to be a part of this vital group:

Not sure if it is right for you? Get in touch and we can discuss your needs and circumstances.

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These events are at 3.00pm to 4.00pm AEST

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You can also join our climate change funder group email list and continue talking with each other outside of our organised events. To join, send us an email to