The AEGN brings together philanthropists who care about the environment and enables them to become better at what they love doing. Our members co-fund, share networks, go on field trips together, attend private briefings and much more. Above all, our members discover that far more can be achieved through working together than by acting alone.

Established in 2008, we are a member based organisation that aims to help members become more effective environmental grantmakers through information sharing, collaboration and networking. We also aim to grow the amount of philanthropic funds going to the environment within Australia.

An independent review of the AEGN carried out in 2015 has found a high level of satisfaction with the services provided to members.

The AEGN provides the means for environmental grantmakers to:

  • Connect with, encourage and challenge one another
  • Explore environmental issues and grantmaking
  • Promote, diversify and expand environmental philanthropy

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Our Vision and Mission

To improve the conservation and functioning of Australia’s environment by inspiring effective environmental grantmaking.

The AEGN will be:

  • Inspiring and exciting
  • Sustainable
  • Ambitious
  • Ethical
  • A leader in its field

The following reports are available to view and download: