Climate change advocacy

Climate change affects us all and we urgently need to scale up action and phase out damaging activities.

Funders can help to advocate for change and call on government to dedicate funds to make it happen. Funders can also invest in transition industries and technologies, influence boards and companies to divest from fossil fuels, support affected communities, and build capacity within civil society organisations working to ensure that the transition is fast, fair and sustainable.

Climate action & just transition


What’s been happening?


States and Territories

What’s coming up?

What is the AEGN doing?
  • Updating members on climate and environment laws, regional planning initiatives for renewables / transition minerals, contested projects and any related litigation
  • Facilitating member discussions about carbon offsets
  • Promoting use of the Climate Funding Framework and Climate Lens to all funders
  • Supporting a Just Transitions Working Group to discuss approaches to transition planning that maximise benefits for nature, communities, and cultural heritage protections
  • Working with partner organisations to promote activities calling on Federal and State governments to increase their climate ambition in the lead up to COP31

What can AEGN members do?

Major projects  

A number of key fossil fuel projects will be a focus of community-led campaigns in 2024, highlighting their carbon impact (in addition to other environmental and cultural impacts) and the potential for a few big projects to undermine achievement of climate targets. These include:

  • Middle Arm & Beetaloo Basin

With financial support from the Commonwealth government, the NT government is progressing the Middle Arm Industrial Precinct in Darwin Harbour. The Precinct, which will include gas and petrochemical processing and export facilities, is opposed by traditional owners and environmental organisations.

  • Burrup Hub

Woodside’s LNG Burrup Hub – including the Scarborough, NorthWest and Browse plants – is estimated to produce 6 billion tonnes of carbon pollution across its 50-year lifetime, making it Australia’s most polluting project. In addition to the climate and health impacts, there are concerns about impacts on indigenous songlines and world heritage nominated Aboriginal rock art on the Burrup Peninsula (Murujuga)

  • Barossa Gas

Santos is operating the offshore LNG gas project within the Barossa field (285km northwest of Darwin), drilling up to 8 sub-sea wells and transporting gas through an undersea pipeline to a Darwin processing facility.

  • Narrabri  

Gas fields at Narrabri will drill more than 800 coal seam gas wells across sites within the Pilliga forest and farming land on Gamilaroi country.  It is being opposed on the basis of cultural impacts, impacts on aquifers, and climate impacts.

What’s been happening?

What’s coming up?
  • Early 2024 – Supreme Court hearing of CAFFA challenge to Beetaloo approvals
  • 3 June 2024 – Senate inquiry report into Climate Change Duty of Care Bill (see Rights of Future Generations)
  • 13 August 2024 – Senate inquiry final report into Middle Arm
  • September 2024 – Final report of UN Special Rapporteur on Toxics
  • 2 September 2024 – Federal court hearing of ACF challenge to Scarborough project

What is the AEGN doing?
  • Ensuring First Nations voices are centred in events and debate relating to gas projects
  • Including First Nations sessions at the AEGN 2024 conference (register here)
  • Updating members on legal outcomes, campaign and advocacy projects, including opportunities to make submissions or lobby decision makers
What can AEGN members do?
  • Fund research projects to improve data collection regarding health, social, and environmental impacts from Middle Arm and Beetaloo
  • Attend Senate inquiry hearings, in person or online, to hear evidence from traditional owners, concerned farmers, economists, health practitioners and environmental groups
  • Use your influence as a shareholder or board member to encourage divestment from fossil fuel companies
  • Contact the Program Manager – Climate Change to discuss funding and collaboration options

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It’s been exciting to see the growth in sophistication of how the AEGN operates. For the benefit of all.

Hayley Morris, Morris Family Foundation