Guide to grantmaking

This step-by-step guide can help you or your foundation focus your intentions and give you the tools to develop a program of environmental giving.

Step 2. Vision, mission, values and operating principles

Your vision, mission, values and operating principles could be part of your trust deed, or something you have discussed with your trustees or family.

Vision and mission statements should articulate the essence of your organisation’s beliefs and values and define its place in the world. They establish the long-term direction that guides every aspect of an organisation’s daily operations. A vision statement expresses an organisation’s far-reaching goal and reason for existence, while a mission statement provides an overview of plans to realise that vision by identifying the service areas, target audience and values and goals of the organisation.

Organisations like the Thomas Foundation, Christensen Fund, Purves Environmental Fund and the Rockefeller Family Fund provide some excellent examples

Have you thought about what values and operating principles you want to work with in your giving? If you have already done this, do you include environmental operating principles (for example ensuring that your foundation or the organisations that you fund operate on an environmentally sustainable basis)?

If you’re not ready to settle on a final mission, vision and operating principles yet, the following steps might help bring some clarity.

Ask yourself

  1. What you are passionate about?
  2. What skills and expertise are you willing to use in this process?

Record your answers in the worksheet (pdf)

Join a funder group

Connect with the issues, connect with members, and connect with members around the issues. Find a funder group that is right for you.