Learn: The issues

Are you passionate about a particular environmental issue? The AEGN has developed a set of resources to help you understand the issues and make an informed decision about what to fund. Click on your topic of interest below to access the resources. Resources include: The Issues: provide information on each of nine key environmental themes. You can read summary information on the website and download the full briefing notes. Each paper outlines the theme, the issues it faces and the solutions experts have proposed. These papers are largely based on the Federal Government’s State of the Environment Report 2011. Grantmaking Frameworks: guide your thought processes to help you develop an effective grantmaking approach to an issue. Grantmaking frameworks are progressively being developed for each of the nine themes. Funding Tables: break down environmental themes into more detailed sub-themes and suggest actions that funders can take. Funding tables are progressively being developed for each of the nine themes. You can download any of the documents provided below or contact us on info@agen.org.au and we can send you a hard copy.