National Reconciliation Week

24 May 2021

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Reconciliation Week 27 May to 3 June

4 ways to take action as an AEGN member. 

Thursday 27 May marks the beginning of Reconciliation Week which centres on two historical milestones. The 1967 referendum on May 27 saw Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people counted as part of the Australian population for the first time. And the Mabo decision on 3 June 1992 saw the High Court revoke Terra Nullius, recognising Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander native title. 

Elevating First Nations perspectives

More and more we see how climate action and nature preservation are inextricably linked to elevating First Nations perspectives. As we take this week to learn about our shared history and reflect on how we can contribute to reconciliation, let us also pay attention to the theme this year:  More than a word. Reconciliation takes action.

As an AEGN member, you are in a unique position to take action. Here are four ways to do just that: 

1. Fund Indigenous-led projects

Many incredible projects listed on the Clearinghouse and projects that were pitched at the conference still need funding to proceed. While some of these projects have quite substantial funding needs, all contributions will make a big difference. 

Indigenous-led projects that pitched for funding at the 2021 conference:

Project Clearinghouse projects still needing funding:

2. Post a project to the Project Clearinghouse this week that is led by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

Email with an outline of the project, how much funding it requires and why you think it’s important.

3. Join our Indigenous land and sea management funder group

Email Ione to join 

You can learn more about this funder group in the environmental issues and solutions section of our website.

Also see how members were inspired by Bruce and Jack Pascoe when they spoke at our annual conference this year. Read 10 ideas on how to fund Indigenous agriculture

4. Watch the Indigenous land and sea management, agriculture and advocacy conference showcase

Learn more

If you would like to learn more about Reconciliation Week, visit

Indigenous land and sea management funder group — July

Thursday 29 July 12.00pm to 1.30pm
Connect with funders across Australia who share your passion for building the capacity of First Nations organisations…

Member briefing — online edition

Wednesday 26 May 3.30pm to 5.00pm
Join us online for our member briefing to celebrate our achievements and plan the year ahead.