The Environmental Giving Pledge

In May 2017, we set out to raise $50 million for the environment in five years.

Video: We all have a vital role. Composer: Jake Meadows, Vocals: Daniel Johns.

Creating pathways for change

For over a decade we have been engaging with experts from academia, philanthropy and the community sector to identify four pathways for change, where focused and strategic funding can deliver real impact.

Around Australia

Millions of people are doing their bit to care for all these things that inspire our love of country.

Our challenge

“In 2016, environmental charities in Australia received only 2.3 per cent of all charitable sector donations ($187 million) and we estimate that around $34 million of this came from structured giving. Of total revenue for all charities including government grants and fees for service, the environment received just 0.59 per cent of $729 million. Considering the scale and complexity of the environmental challenges we face, this amount is simply not enough.”

Keith Ince, Chair of the Board and AEGN member

Australia’s environment is in catastrophic decline and we are heading toward a tipping point. Humans are demanding too much of our land, water, air and oceans. Yet we know we have the power to reverse this decline.

Hear from others

Morris Family Foundation

We’re increasing our funding because the issue is increasingly urgent.

The impacts of climate change are being felt, seen and experienced. They are impacting our businesses and employees. All funding priorities are important to us, but if we don’t sort out the environment, what’s the point? Our foundation supports advocacy, research and direct remediation, focusing on climate, food systems and, reef and marine environments.

That is why we support The Environmental Giving Pledge to reach $50 million in five years.

Hayley Morris, Morris Family Foundation

The Ian Potter Foundation

We became one of Australia’s leading environmental funders after announcing a $10 million funding increase over three years to 2022.

Our foundation seeks to lead by example, highlight the significance of the issue, be targeted in the areas we seek to fund and follow words with action and funding — and we invite others to join us.

The Foundation partnered with The Myer Foundation and Sidney Myer Foundation to initiate an Australian freshwater mapping study using a $500,000 up-front investment to determine where philanthropic funding can make the biggest impact.

Now The Ian Potter Foundation and our partner The Myer Foundation have jointly agreed to commit $10 million over 10 years to create a new independent water policy centre.

Craig Connelly, The Ian Potter Foundation

Lenko Family Foundation

We are a small, nimble foundation that devotes most of our giving to addressing climate change. Given the urgency of the issue, we are committed to spending down our corpus within 5-10 years.

We only have a short window left to mitigate the worst effects of climate change. The idea of holding onto a corpus for the long term isn’t valid when faced with an existential crisis.

Our foundation complements its giving with in-kind support including business mentoring, strategic advice and assistance with proposals for further funding.

That is why we support the AEGN’s Environmental Giving Pledge to reach $50 million in five years.

Eytan Lenko, Lenko Family Foundation

The Goodman Foundation

We allocated $850,000 to help set  up the Moreton Bay Foundation to protect the bay and give it a voice.

We decided to increase our funding when we realised there was a lot of research being done about the Moreton Bay but no action coming out of it and nothing much was getting through to the general public or government. 

For us, this isn’t about chaining ourselves to trees or being partisan — this is about broad collaboration.

That is why we support the AEGN’s Environmental Giving Pledge to reach $50 million in five years.

John and Meta Goodman, The Goodman Foundation

We have a vital role

The role of philanthropy

Philanthropic funds are incredibly important.

Philanthropy is not beholden to election cycles or shareholders. And with the ability to be nimble, flexible, innovative and independent, philanthropy in partnership with powerful and effective community and other non-government actors can hold the keys to achieving change and scaling up the right solutions.

Philanthropy empowers the community and its leaders and has a long track record of building capacity in movements, supporting advocacy to achieve major outcomes and ensuring impact for investment. Philanthropy plays a vital role in supporting the actions of ordinary Australians as they repair landscapes, advocate for better policies, make life changes, use their purchasing power, act together in communities and enjoy and protect nature.

Be a part of something bigger

“I call upon the philanthropic sector, and those who want to create a thriving future, to be bigger and bolder in their funding. We need to act now in a courageous and strategic way. We have what it takes to turn it around.” Amanda Martin OAM, CEO AEGN