Our staff

Amanda Martin

Amanda Martin OAM,
Chief Executive Officer

Amanda has worked in philanthropy for nearly a decade, having worked as Executive Officer for the Poola Foundation for four years before helping to establish the AEGN in 2009.

Ione McLean

Ione McLean,
Membership and Outreach Manager

Ione has 14 years experience in the energy efficiency and greenhouse gas abatement field.  She has worked in corporate, government and not-for-profits developing and running energy efficiency programs.

Kristine Anderson

Kristine Anderson, 
New South Wales and Queensland

Kristine has over 10 years senior leadership experience in the for purpose and corporate sectors. She develops long-term and trusted partnerships.

Leah MacGibbon

Leah MacGibbon, Communications Manager

Leah has been leading digital and communications strategies for global corporate and not-for-profits.

Daisy Barham, Environmental Philanthropy Manager

Having an excellent understanding on how to achieve environmental change, and leading the climate change work at the Nature Conservation Council of New South Wales.

Jessica Panegyres, Environmental Philanthropy Manager

Having excellent knowledge, skills and experience in the environment sector, Jess will guide your giving decisions with tools, workshops, translating what is happening in the eNGO sector and tracking environmental giving.

AJ Zara-Girstuns

AJ Zara-Girstuns, 
Events and Office Coordinator

AJ holds a Bachelor of Science in Management Technology and has a long-standing record of administrative experience working across various industries. 

Karen Price

Karen Price, Finance Manager

Karen was previously the Treasure with the Victorian Women’s Housing Association, a not-for-profit in the social housing sector.