The Sustaining Fund

Since 2008, the AEGN has acted as a facilitator and catalyst for environmental philanthropy connecting funders, experts and environment sector leaders to develop a strategic approach to environmental funding. These connections, along with our funding tools, research and guidance, have generated impactful and essential funding, and united funders with each other and with experts and organisations in fruitful and lasting relationships.

We face escalating environmental challenges and the next ten years are critical. The good news is that we have the bold ideas to address these challenges and to make our vision for the future – where people and nature thrive together – a reality. To do this we need to continue to grow the AEGN network and to increase environmental funding.

The Sustaining Fund

The Sustaining Fund has been established to help build a stable and predictable income base for the AEGN. Donations to the Sustaining Fund will be invested ethically and environmentally and managed with a high level of commercial and financial prudence. Generally, each year 10% of the fund value will be contributed towards the AEGN’s annual operating budget.

You can read more about management of the Sustaining Fund in the Sustaining Fund Policy.

The $1 Million Sustaining Fund Challenge

In April 2018 a very generous, anonymous Australian philanthropist offered to match contributions to the AEGN Sustaining Fund of $50,000 or more, up to a total of $1 million. These contributions had to be pledged or made before 25 June.

We are excited to report that thanks to 16 generous AEGN members we exceeded our $1 million fundraising goal.  All 16 contributions of $50,000 or more have been matched by our generous philanthropist and the Sustaining Fund has a balance in excess of $2 million. This provides an invaluable financial contribution to our operating costs for the next 10 years.

Help us continue to grow the Sustaining Fund

If you would like to ensure that the AEGN continues its catalytic work to grow environmental philanthropy, and you are thinking about spending down the funds in your foundation or you believe in building the capacity of the organisations you trust, we hope you will contribute to the AEGN’s Sustaining Fund. To ensure the efficiency and purpose of the fund, donations of $50,000 or more are welcome.

If you have any questions about the Sustaining Fund please contact Amanda or Ione by email or call 03 9663 7844. If you would like to make a donation to the fund please download and complete the pledge form and email Amanda or Ione.

Account details for deposits

AEGN Gift Fund
BSB: 313 140
Account: 1200 6345

Contributors to the AEGN Sustaining Fund

Our heartfelt thanks to the following generous contributors to our fund:

Jeff and Julie Wicks, ACME Foundation
Janet, Julia and Ali Limb, Limb Family Foundation
Josette Wunder
Yulgilbar Foundation
Kate & Stephen Shelmerdine Family Foundation
The Myer Foundation
Robin Craig and Mick Boyle, The Jaramas Foundation
The R E Ross Trust
Sue Mathews and Mark Burford
Rose Gilder
Rebecca Gorman and John Sevior
Bindy Gross
The Duggan Foundation
Vicki Olsson
Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation through ADP, ME and LA Martin Charitable Fund
Several anonymous contributors including the instigator of the $1 million Sustaining Fund challenge.

“Security of income allows organisations to confidently make long term plans. We are supporting the sustaining fund to help give the AEGN this confidence.” 

Robin Craig and Mick Boyle, The Jaramas Foundation

If you too have benefited from the AEGN’s hard work and you share their goal of rapidly growing support to the environment from philanthropy, please follow my lead in contributing to the AEGN’s Sustaining Fund by joining the Challenge.”

Josette Wunder